London Aikikai Aikido Dojo - Class training

Aikido class at London Aikikai Aikido Dojo. Video by Konrad Piotrowski

London Aikikai Aikido at Sompo Canopius

London Aikikai Aikido demonstrations at Sompo Canopius rebranding event on 1st, 2nd and 3rd February 2016 at Lloyds of London in the City.

Chiba Sensei in Poland

Clips from Chiba Sensei in Wroclaw, Poland - August 2009. Also featured: Daniel Brunner Shihan, Mike Flynn Shihan and Davinder Bath Sensei (as Uke for Chiba Sensei)

Aikido demo: Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru

Aikido demo by Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru, November 15th 2009, Netherlands. Ukemi by Waka Sensei Ueshiba Mitsuteru.

Japan Matsuri 2009 Videos

Short extract from London Aikikai Aikido demonstration at the first ever Japan Matsuri festival in Spitalfields, London in 2009. Including Aikido techniques, multiple attacks, weapons (jo and bokken).

London Aikikai Aikido Demonstration at Japan Matsuri 2009 from Misae Richwoods on Vimeo.