Kazuo Chiba Shihan, 8th Dan Aikikai

Our Teacher and Dojo Founder

T K Chiba Shihan, 8th Dan Aikikai so Hombu

Chiba Sensei founded London Aikikai in 1968. Sadly Chiba Sensei passed away in 2015 aged 75. London Aikikai is privileged to have had Chiba Sensei as our teacher and Technical Director from 1968 to 2015. Read more about Chiba Sensei

"I don't give koans. Everything I say is a koan."

Dee Chen Shihan, 6th Dan Aikikai

Chief Instructor

Dee Chen Shihan is a disciple of TK Chiba Shihan. She is currently not able to practise but we hope this situation will change in the near future. Dee Chen Sensei is general secretary of British Birankai (British Aikikai) and long term personal assistant to Chiba Sensei.

Davinder Bath Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai

Senior instructor, Acting Chief Instructor

+44 (0) 7736 771076

Davinder Bath Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai So Hombu

Davinder Bath Sensei is a long-term disciple/student (from 1987 to 2012) of TK Chiba Shihan. Bath Sensei regularly teaches at courses in the UK and internationally.

Photo: Davinder Bath (left) with Chiba Sensei (August 2009)

"Aikido is a living, dynamic, martial art. Embody it, feed it, nurture it. Let it grow unbounded. It will have all characteristics of the original."