London Aikikai Aikido: Class Schedule

Aikido Class Timetable

London Aikikai - Aikido Training Schedule

Please check 'Class Update' for holiday closing and other last minute changes to the standard timetable.

Morning classes every Tuesday and Thursday 7-8am.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7-8   Beginners
& Mixed
& Mixed
PM 5-5:55   Children 5-9   
6-6:55 Children 5-15    Children 10-15   Children 5-15
7-8 Beginners & Mixed Mixed & Advanced Split Class:
Beginners & Mixed
Iaido for all levels
Beginners & Mixed
8:05-9:05  Weapons: Beginners & Mixed Mixed & Advanced  Beginners & Mixed    Mixed & Advanced

Explanation of classes

Children: aged 3-15 - See Children and Young People
Beginners: Classes aimed at adult beginners with little or no experience
Advanced: Classes for experienced adult students of all other levels

Weapons and Iaido (Iai Batto Ho): Adult beginners and all other levels
Zazen (seated meditation): to be organised!

Spectators: Spectators are welcome on all days

Misogi practice is held twice a year, in January for the New Year and in April to commemorate the death of the Founder of Aikido. The object of Misogi is purification by practising intensively for an hour. A party is held afterwards and students are requested bring their favourite food and drink to share. Watch the dojo noticeboard for details.