London Aikido for Children and Young People

Aikido for Children and Young People

London Aikikai - Traditional Aikido for Children and Young People

Welcome to Aikido classes for children and young people at London Aikikai. Our primary aims are Aikido and Life Skills - to help improve, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the lives of all children who train with us. They will learn respectful interaction with other children, learn group behaviour, improve confidence, improve concentration, learn to use and move their bodies in all sorts of ways, learn to fall safely and have a great time.


You can enroll and begin training on the same day - at any time during the term. Come and see us at the London Aikikai Dojo before class (see schedule below) or contact us by email or phone.

Age Groups

For young people aged 3 to 15 years. Four year olds find it difficult to concentrate in mixed classes but we are willing to consider them if the child is particularly mature. 16 and 17 year olds can join our classes for adults.

Timetable (Schedule)


6pm-6:55pm (Age 5-12 years)

6pm-6:55pm Children with Family (one adult with each child aged 3-9)* Please telephone to arrange


6pm-6:55pm (Age 10-15 years)


6pm-6:55pm (Age 5-12 years)

6pm-6:55pm Children with Family (one adult with each child aged 3-9)* Please telephone to arrange

* Parents or other family members can now join in to assist their child - one adult per child. Children as young as 3 can train when accompanied by an adult.

2019 Spring Term: Monday 7 January to Friday 5 April (half-term closing 18-22 February) - 12 Weeks


Spring 2019 Term fee: £75 once/week, £140 twice/week

2019 Summer Term: Wednesday 24 April to Friday 24 May * [Bank holiday Monday closing 6 May and Half-term closing 27-31 May] * Monday 3 June - Monday 22 July - 12 Weeks


Summer 2019 Term fee: Mondays £70, Wednesdays or Fridays £75 or £135 twice/week

Additionally membership fee of £15 per year (includes indemnity insurance)

New beginners: Training fee £7 per class for the first two sessions. Then we ask that you pay for the remainder of the term based on £7 per class (or the term fee - whichever is less). Children can train three times a week, twice a week or just once a week.

Children may stop training at any time and get a refund for the remainder of fees paid (we will retain £7/class up to the cancellation date). If we have to cancel any classes due to unforeseen circumstances then we will give a pro-rata refund for these classes.



Rinaldo Sensei: 07 470 311000


How to Find Us: Address and Maps

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